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Podcast Name: SuperTangent
Podcast Genre:
Short Podcast Description: Podcast & Blog for all nerds, entrepreneurs, creatives, and beyond who value the dialog of what binds us all together–video games, artistry, manhood, entrepreneurship, and life.
Long Podcast Description:

The elegance, humility and vulnerability of such a quote would never strike one as having been poured from the mouth of a character from an anime–a villain, no less. But your dedicated nerd wouldn’t be surprised at the depth behind the animation of a seven-episode series about giant robots fighting in space. Having been raised on comic books from the 70s, anime from the 80s, and video games from the 90s, it’s of no surprise that the entrepreneurial spirit kept me coming back to the very heart and soul of what influences me on a daily basis.

I’m a junkie for pop culture and entertainment (I watch Gilmore Girls solely for the references), and the more I learn about the prospect, the hustle and the payoff of being one’s own boss, I can’t help but want to share everything I know not only about Gundam and Ghostbusters, MegaZords and Mega Busters, Dragon Balls and the Dreamcast, but also about what in the world in takes to be self-sufficient start-up with a podcast, a dream, and breath in his lungs to speak.

Just remember this–in this end….you did this to yourself.

City: Anchrorage
State: Alaska
Country: United States