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What is the Black Podcast Hub, anyway?

The Black Podcast Hub is YOUR resource for finding the newest and best black podcasts and podcasters across the nation and around the world. We’re constantly adding new podcasts, and in the coming months we will be adding featured interviews and reviews for podcasts as well.

The Black Podcast Hub is also a resource for black podcasters both new and veteran alike. If you are black, have a podcast or are thinking of starting one, we invite you to join our Facebook group to share resources, get advice, and grow along with us.

Who’s behind this site?

The Black Podcast Hub is the brainchild of Negro Squad Neon, a team of intrepid podcasters and production professionals dedicated to truth, social justice, and the promotion of quality black media unto the ends of the universe.

The members of the team are, in no particular order:

Jess Humphrey — The finest graphic designer in the history of mankind, and delightful co-host of Storytellers, Jess is both effervescent and no-nonsense in delightfully balanced proportions.

Ereika Collins — An excellent writer, co-host of Storytellers, and host of her own scripted fiction podcast, Thursday’s Childe, Ereika pushes the bounds of creativity in to weird and unexpected places.

Elise Bacon — Look, Bacon is just perfect. In all ways. And they do what they want, at all times. Listen to them on #ADDSpace, check out their art on Etsy, and be grateful that they exist.

Aaron Rand Freeman — Aside from being exceptionally tall and incredibly witty, Aaron produces and hosts a plethora of engaging (and very Black) podcasts, including: Unreasonable Fridays, #ADDSpace, and CuntCast.

Sean Paul Neil — Just in case the New York accent wasn’t a clue, SPN is not one to be trifled with. He has a pen and is not afraid to use it to educate, entertain, and inspire. Catch him on his new podcast, SPNWrites Podcast.