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Lyles Movie Files

Lyles Movie Files
Podcast Name: Lyles Movie Files
Podcast Genre:
Short Podcast Description: Jeffrey Lyles of Lyles Movie Files brings all of the fun and commentary from and he’s bringing some of his opinionated boys with him as we talk about movies, TV shows, hot topic Hollywood issues and a little bit of everything in between.
Long Podcast Description:

Lyles Movie Files is an extension of the website where Jeffrey Lyles and some his pals discuss a little movies, TV shows, comic books, wrestling and the big headlines in Hollywood. And every so often you’ll hear exclusive interviews with creators like Batman and Justice League writer Scott Snyder, Marvel Studios executive producer Nate Moore, Lupita Nyong’o and more.

Shows air at least once a week, but as we continue to get more comfortable cranking out the format we will double down and release two a week.

City: Bladensburg
State: MD
Country: USA